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Overcoming Fear

Marla Bagetta says that helping students overcome fear, is critical to her success as a mentor and instructor. I’m pretty sure she meant fear of failure or new approaches. Another fear is fear of the materials. Only pastelists can appreciate the excitement of getting a brand new set of pastels and opening the box. They are so beautiful and pristine, and for those of you that aren’t an artist, surprisingly more expensive than you would guess! (Seriously, this set costs almost as much as I paid for my first car! ) So one of the hardest things to do is not treat them as precious, so you can actually use them. Many require unwrapping them, but it is awfully hard to break them into halves or thirds for usability and portability. So I put on my big girl pants and I broke them! Because if I hesitated I was gonna choke and not do it. Whew, that was not easy!

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My art is about seeing something of inspiration in nature or in everyday life and then expanding on what I see, trying to say something about it that hopefully will speak to the viewer I will attempt to capture the interplay of light and shadow by simplifying and often modifying the shapes. To be more impactful. In order to encapsulate the mood of the moment, I like to vary the texture and size of the strokes and use bolder colors than you might actually find in my starting reference.


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