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Plein Air Painting at the Park

I am going to go to a Plein Air painting event with a fellow artist next month who is very talented, but doesn’t do a lot of Plein Air painting. So for our first outing of the season together to warm up for the event last week she brought so much stuff (that included a wooden table and a big easel), that she could hardly carry it and had to make two trips to the car. I loaned her an extra set up I had to get used to before the event that streamlines things a bit. The light shining from the path in the part we were in just screamed in color. It was incredible.

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My art is about seeing something of inspiration in nature or in everyday life and then expanding on what I see, trying to say something about it that hopefully will speak to the viewer I will attempt to capture the interplay of light and shadow by simplifying and often modifying the shapes. To be more impactful. In order to encapsulate the mood of the moment, I like to vary the texture and size of the strokes and use bolder colors than you might actually find in my starting reference.


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